Obesity in children  

The Nature of Things Programmed to Be Fat

Obesity in Canada has doubled in less than 30 years. 59 percent of Canadians are now either overweight or obese. A small group of scientists have begun looking beyond the obvious because of a group that can’t chew, let alone jog. Infant obesity rose more than 70 percent in just 20 years. You can’t blame them for unhealthy lifestyles. The ...
  • 2011
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Marketplace Sugar Surprise: Dieter's Dilemma

You may get a sugar shock from this program as it exposes how much sugar there is in the foods we eat. Sugar is the secret ingredient that makes food taste better, and at little cost to manufacturers. People are consuming half their weight in sugar every year, contributing to growing health problems such as obesity and diabetes. The problem ...
  • 2003
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