Beetalker: The Secret World of Bees

This fascinating documentary explores the perfectly constructed, architecturally complex structure that has remained virtually unchanged for all of known time, the beehive. With the help of a high definition camera, viewers get up-close and personal with these industrious insects. Dr. Mark Winston of Simon Fraser University is attempting to solve the mystery of bee communication and behaviour by studying the effects of the Queen’s pheromones on other bees in the hive. Since bees pollinate approximately 1/3 of all human food supplies and nearly 80% of the world’s plants, their rapidly declining populations are of great concern. As well, an artist tries to demystify the secrets of bees and their honeycomb by using these tiny creatures to create natural works of art. Show this resource and your class is sure to be a-buzz for weeks!

Article # : WOF-06-02
Production year(s) : 2006
Duration : 00:44:36
Age : 9-12
Show : The Nature of Things
Closed captioning: Not available
Categories : Biology, Environmental Science

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