News in Review - November 2000 Margaret Atwood: A Canadian Novelist

Margaret Atwood's latest novel, The Blind Assassin, which won the internationally prestigious Booker Prize and at the time of this writing was nominated for the Governor General's Award for literature, is the point of departure for reviewing the career of one of Canada's leading novelists. As a strong model of Canadian literature and a major player on the literary scene ...
  • 2000
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  • 13-14
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CBC Drama Special Michel Tremblay's Les Belles-soeurs

Germaine, a Montreal housewife, has won a million Gold Star stamps (stamps given out by grocery stores, which customers stuck into little booklets and exchanged for goods like barbecues and lawn chairs) and has invited all the women she knows to come over and help her stick them into the booklets. As they stick, the women discuss the men in ...
  • 1977
  • 01:41:53
  • 15-17
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News in Review - May 1992 Mordecai Richler: Stirring Emotions

Richler's statements in his book about the supposed plight of Anglo-Quebeckers created controversy inside and outside Quebec. This controversy is the catalyst for highlighting key issues in the constitutional debate.
  • 1992
  • 00:11:02
  • 13-14
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CBC Drama Special Much Ado About Nothing

Love, they say, is blind, and so it certainly seems in this sunny romantic comedy of misleading appearances, mistaken identities and deceptions both playful and perverse. As Beatrice and Benedick, old antagonists in the skirmishes of the heart, wage their "merry war" of witty insults, the villainous Don John plots to destroy a rival's happiness. But the Don has reckoned ...
  • 1988
  • 02:21:18
  • 13-14
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CBC Drama Special Othello: The Tragedy of the Moor

Based on William Shakespeare's celebrated play, this television adaptation raises the Bard's riveting drama of love and lust, betrayal and murder to the dizzying heights of a psychological thriller. At the heart of the story are Othello, a noble moor and general, his loving wife Desdemona, his loyal lieutenant Cassio and jealous Iago. Embittered by Othello's promotion of Cassio and ...
  • 2008
  • 01:29:52
  • 15-17
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Pirate's Passage Pirate's Passage

Based on the critically acclaimed children’s novel by William Gilkerson (winner of the 2006 Governor General's Award for Children's Literature), this animated film stars one of Canada’s acting legends, Donald Sutherland, who voices the lead character, Captain Johnson. The story is set in 1952 in Grey Rocks, Nova Scotia, a town that was famous 250 years ago as a port for ...
  • 2015
  • 01:28:15
  • 9-12
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CBC Drama Special Romeo and Juliet

The excitement of live theatre comes to the screen in this special Stratford production of Shakespeare's classic love story. Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love at a masked ball, but their love is doomed by an ancient and unreasonable grudge between their families. Stratford director Richard Monette has set the play in the time of Mussolini's Fascist Italy, ...
  • 1993
  • 02:42:05
  • 13-14
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The Canadian Experience Sisters in the Wilderness

In England, they had been rising literary stars: educated, cultured and refined. They were hopelessly unprepared for life in the rough-and-tumble new colony, where it was a wrenching struggle simply to survive. And yet, despite illness and poverty, and at times near starvation, the two women never stopped writing, leaving an unparalleled record of life in early Canada. Their story ...
  • 2003
  • 01:27:06
  • 9-12
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Ideas Standing for Africa: The Ideas of Chinua Achebe

In 1958, the Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe published one of the first African novels to become an international bestseller in English. His work tells the story of the colonial experience from the perspective of the colonized. He discusses his ideas with CBC producer Sheyfali Saujani.
  • 2000
  • 00:54:30
  • 15-17
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Feature Film Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town uniquely blends fact with fiction; Stephen Leacock's own life with his literary creation. The elder Stephen Leacock (Gordon Pinsent) is both the narrator of the film and a wry, ghost-like presence in it. His boyhood self, Stephen Leacock (Owen Best) at age 14, and his real parents – Agnes (Jill Hennessy) and Peter (Rick ...
  • 2012
  • 01:30:21
  • 13-14
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