Geologic Journey II: Along the African Rift

This episode reveals how the Earth's crust is ripping apart as molten rock from deep within its recesses pushes upwards. For millions of years the East African Rift has been tearing the African plate in two. Discover Ethiopia's Afar Triangle where the Earth is fundamentally re-ordering its surface, and journey to Egypt's Nile valley which has been a corridor of trade and a cradle of civilizations for centuries. On the final leg of the trek, witness the tectonic violence of the Dead Sea Rift — a seismic threat that hangs over the area like a curse.

Article # : ZZY-10-25D
Production year(s) : 2010
Duration : 00:50:45
Age : 9-12
Show : The Nature of Things - Episode 2
Closed captioning: Not available
Categories : World Geography, Earth and Space Science

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