Geologic Journey II: Pacific Rim: Americas

The glaciers of Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, the foothills of California, the Atacama Desert and the Andes of Chile. They're all part of the eastern Pacific Rim and characters in the ongoing tectonic story of our planet. It's a tale of the relentless subterranean forces that have convulsed our cities and overshadow our future. As Professor Nick Eyles of the University of Toronto Scarborough guides us along this geologic frontline, we discover the inevitable geologic journey of the Earth — a long-term shift that will see the Pacific Ocean crust destroyed and the surrounding land masses brought together.

Article # : ZZY-10-25B
Production year(s) : 2010
Duration : 00:54:16
Age : 9-12
Show : The Nature of Things - Episode 4
Closed captioning: Not available
Categories : Canadian Geography, World Geography, Earth and Space Science

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