Geologic Journey II: Tectonic Europe

This episode traverses the Eurasian plate — from Iceland where new land is formed to the Alps where old land is destroyed. In between, we witness the twisted, gorgeous landscapes of the Earth's surface under pressure, places where scientists first came up with the very study of geology itself. Trek with University of Toronto Scarborough geology professor Nick Eyles and his guides through volcanoes, glaciers, crags, mountains, rolling hills and broken cliffs that reveal the tectonic story of the Earth. BONUS INTERVIEW: David Suzuki talks with Nick Eyles about the significance of geology to the growing field of earth science and how it helps us to understand our planet.

Article # : ZZY-10-25A
Production year(s) : 2010
Duration : 01:02:25
Age : 9-12
Show : The Nature of Things - Episode 1
Closed captioning: Not available
Categories : World Geography, Earth and Space Science

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