Me, My Brain and I

The program looks at general theories that explain how the brain works and, in particular, how the frontal lobes are involved in processing and interpreting information from the world around us. Previously, scientists believed that the frontal lobes served no real purpose. Now, a whole new picture is emerging. We see examples of how the frontal lobes are involved in storing personal memories, analyzing humor, solving problems and planning for the future, and how the entire frontal lobe region is essential in processing emotions and fighting off depression. Remarkable stories from brain-injury patients have helped neuroscientists unravel the mystery of what makes us distinctly human.
Article # : WOF-01-01
Production year(s) : 2001
Duration : 00:53:44
Age : 15-17
Show : The Nature of Things
Closed captioning: Not available
Categories : Biology, Sociology, The Human Brain

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