• Conversations with Dolphins

    Dolphins have been a source of curiosity and have appeared in our stories and myths for thousands of years. We know they are intelligent animals, but just how intelligent are they, and how is dolphin intelligence expressed?

    Adam Walker, an open ocean endurance swimmer, set out on an eight-hour swim to cross the Cook Strait off the coast of New Zealand. Exhausted after several hours in the cold water, he suddenly found himself surrounded by a group of dusky dolphins. Little did he know he was also being closely followed by a great white shark. The dolphins appeared to be protecting him from the predator, which left an indelible impression on Adam. What is the link between our two species? Why do we seem to be so interested and curious about each other? How far might this fascination between humans and dolphins bring us? Will we one day be able to communicate with one another?

    Scientists around the world are asking themselves the same questions. Over the decades the focus on dolphin research has changed from asking “how intelligent are dolphins?” to “how are dolphins intelligent?”

    Conversations with Dolphins brings us to the research sites of some of the most internationally renowned dolphin specialists and alongside experts studying dolphins in the wild. Do dolphins think the way we do or are their brains wired in a very different way from ours?


  • New kids' series: The Moblees

    The Moblees is designed to promote healthy active living among Canadian children. The series provides early intervention strategies to reduce childhood obesity and to inspire a foundational change in the way children move through their daily lives. Set in the whimsical world of Terra Mova, the series invites children to join in the action with fun, humour and above all, movement!