• E-Cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco

    Five million Canadians still smoke – many find it impossible to quit. Could e-cigarettes be the answer? Some of those who've switched to this safer nicotine delivery device say yes.

    And Big Tobacco couldn't be happier. They are eager to move into the booming e-cig business. The only problem is that e-cigs with nicotine are not legal in Canada.

    Health Canada is on the cusp of deciding how e-cigs should be regulated. The Fifth Estate's Mark Kelley heads to England – a country that has taken bold steps in embracing the e-cigarette as a safer alternative. Will Canada? And what will this mean for our e-cigarette industry? Will new regulations open the doors for a tarred industry to join in the e-cigarette revolution?

    ·  E-cigarette industry is estimated to be worth $235-million

    ·  The sale of e-cigarettes containing nicotine is currently not approved by Health Canada

    ·  The World Health Organization estimates that about one billion people around the world continue to smoke

    ·  In Canada, tobacco use kills around 37,000 people annually, according to Health Canada

    ·  E-cigarette regulation currently happens on the provincial level – and it varies province to province