Polar Bear Fever

The polar bear is treading on thin ice. Some scientists predict this iconic species of the North could vanish this century. With so much at stake, the bear has become the new poster child for climate change, the perfect photogenic symbol for selling an environmental message. But just how did the big bear become the great white hope of the green movement?

Perhaps it started in 1993, when some decidedly cute and cuddly animated bears appeared in TV ads guzzling Coke. It was a hugely successful campaign. And the bear as "brand" was born! Whatever the reason the polar bear has become the rock star of the animal kingdom and its media profile is only growing.

Polar Bear Fever takes us on a high definition journey to meet the people who are obsessed with the bear. Few can resist the bear’s red-hot image — scientists and zookeepers, photographers and filmmakers, environmentalists and politicians, marketing mavens and advertising giants.
Article # : Y8R-07-14
Production year(s) : 2007
Duration : 00:44:22
Age : 13-14
Show : Doc Zone
Closed captioning: Not available
Categories : Environmental Science

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