Time Machine: A History of Photography

Recently released from the archives of the CBC, this extraordinary 1973 documentary classic casts an eye back on the history and development of photography. From the first photo taken in 1826 through war and candid photography, to the mass appeal of snapshots, this time capsule is a fascinating romp through photographic history. Examined are: Leonardo da Vinci and his camera obscura; french chemist Nicephore Niepce who in 1822 invented photography; William Henry Fox Talbot; and Louis-Jacques Daguerre who invented the process later known as the Daguerrotype. Rich with interviews of leading photographers such as Irving Penn and Ansel Adams, the program also featured are rare pictures of famous people from politicians to queens to writers. Magic and tragic moments are caught, revealing the truth about society and humanity. This unique program is a photographic lesson in history, as well as a history lesson in photography.
Article # : WOJ-73-01
Production year(s) : 1973
Duration : 00:57:33
Age : 15-17
Show : CBC Documentary Special
Closed captioning: Not available
Categories : Visual Arts

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