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  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

    According to a 2019 Environment and Climate Change Canada report, the country is experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, with northe...

  • Privacy and data protection

    Privacy and data protection

    In 2018 Ottawa introduced new privacy rules designed to better safeguard the personal data of Canadians, but even security experts say they are far from perf...

  • Shakespeare Selfie student writing challenge

    Shakespeare Selfie student writing challenge

    Over 400 years have passed since the death of William Shakespeare, yet his body of work continues to be studied, explored and enjoyed by audiences in the 21s...

  • Turtle Island Reads

    Turtle Island Reads

    Save the date! This year's Turtle Island Reads (TIR) event will be held April 8, 2019 – and hosted by Rosanna Deerchild! For details on the event, ...

  • Canada Reads 2019

    Canada Reads 2019

    Five books, five champions, one winner: CBC's annual Battle of the Books has been getting people listening, watching and reading since 2001. Canada Reads is ...

  • Canada in Space

    Canada in Space

    This collection examines Canada's role in space exploration. Eleven Canadians have flown into space — 10 trained astronauts and one civilian. Canadians hav...

  • Indigenous Language Revitalization

    Indigenous Language Revitalization

    "I feel stronger, more powerful, wiser..." This is how one language speaker describes the personal impact of learning his mother tongue. This collection expl...

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