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  • Hana's Suitcase

    The National Hana's Suitcase

    The story of Hana's suitcase, made into an award-winning radio documentary and children's book, tells the harrowing true tale of the owner of the suitcase,...

  • Talking Canadian

    The Canadian Experience Talking Canadian

    Why do English-speaking Canadians talk the way we do? Few of us are aware that the language we speak — the words we use and the way we say them — has le...

  • Generation Jobless

    Doc Zone Generation Jobless

    There was a time when a university degree assured you of a good job, good pay and a comfortable life. Not anymore. Today, the unemployment rate for young peo...

  • How do you feed a world dealing with climate change?

    The National How do you feed a world dealing with climate change?

    As the planet keeps on warming, new technology aims to mitigate climate change to some extent. However, some warming has already happened. With more to come,...

  • Twilight Dancers

    CBC Short Docs Twilight Dancers

    A group of Indigenous teenagers from Pimicikamak Cree Nation use square dancing to help heal from the trauma of a suicide epidemic in their remote Manitoba c...

  • Turtle Beach

    The Nature of Things Turtle Beach

    Every year hundreds of thousands of sea turtles come to lay eggs on a single beach in Costa Rica. Scientists are exploring the extraordinary mass nesting beh...

  • Who are the Métis?

    CBC News Who are the Métis?

    Who is and who isn't “Métis” is a controversial topic. We hear different perspectives from the leader of the Manitoba Métis Federation and the self-described...

  • Ancient Beast

    Monster Fish Ancient Beast

    Dr. Zeb Hogan travels to the American Midwest in search of the paddlefish, one of the largest, oldest and most bizarre-looking freshwater fish on the planet....

  • Winterful Day

    Jessie & The Gumboot Kids Winterful Day

    Jessie, the Gumboot Kids, Scout and Daisy celebrate the winter—sledding, building snowmen and playing in the snow.

  • Under Thin Ice (long version)

    Documentary Under Thin Ice (long version)

    In Under Thin Ice, two divers, Jill Heinerth and Mario Cyr, tell us about their risky expedition to the Canadian Arctic. They had first intended to docu...

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  • Indigenous land and resource management rights

    Indigenous land and resource management rights

    As one CBC report says, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "is setting the bar high" with his promises to recognize and implement Indigenous rights, but many have...

  • Women in Science: At the Heart of Nature

    Women in Science: At the Heart of Nature

    Meet inspiring women scientists from the Canadian Museum of Nature, get to know the work they do and learn about their careers, specifically those in natural...

  • Celebrating Black History Month

    Celebrating Black History Month

    February is Black History Month in Canada, which provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of black Canadians and reflect on the stories, experie...

  • Arctic: Land of Change

    Arctic: Land of Change

    Explore the Arctic as a land of evolution and adaptation with this collection of videos from the Canadian Museum of Nature. Hundreds of millions of years ago...

  • Forest Fires and Climate Change

    Forest Fires and Climate Change

    In the summer of 2017, 1.22 million hectares of the B.C. landscape went up in smoke in what was then a record-breaking wildfire season. This trend was repeat...

  • Frédéric Back Classics

    Frédéric Back Classics

    World-renowned animated filmmaker Frédéric Back has devoted his unique talent to a cause that is central to his life and more topical than ever...

  • Wild Canada

    Wild Canada

    From the filmmakers of the acclaimed series Human Planet and Planet Earth comes WILD CANADA, an epic four-part series presented by T...

  • The Secret Path

    The Secret Path

    At the centre of this collection is Gord Downie's The Secret Path, an emotional animated film following the last days of Chanie Wenjack as he tried to e...

  • The First Page 2019

    The First Page 2019

    The First Page student writing challenge returns! For the 2019 challenge, CBC Books wants Grades 7 to 12 students to write the first page of a novel set 150 ...

  • Business & Economic Development in Canada

    Business & Economic Development in Canada

    This collection presents some of the great moments that have marked the history of business in Canada and highlights some of the issues that have had a signi...

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