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  • Mission Biodiversity

    1000 Days for the Planet Mission Biodiversity

    This episode takes us to Central America where many animal species have trouble coexisting with humans, their survival threatened by habitat loss. The recove...

  • Peace River Rising

    CBC Short Docs Peace River Rising

    Helen Knott, a Dane-Zaa/Nehiyaw social worker, poet and activist, explores the connection between violence against Indigenous women and violence against the ...

  • Zero Waste

    What a Waste Zero Waste

    Is it possible to live a life of zero waste? Host Torah Kachur talks with scientists and innovative people who believe it's only a matter of time. People lik...

  • Urban Agriculture

    La semaine verte Urban Agriculture

    Radio-Canada looks into the urban farming phenomenon in Montreal, where community gardens have been a staple for decades; in Toronto, where people have taken...

  • To Bee or Not to Bee

    The Nature of Things To Bee or Not to Bee

    Could bees be an early warning sign of human impact on our ecosystems? When the news broke in recent years that global honeybee populations were declining at...

  • Adapting our cities

    On the Money Adapting our cities

    Jennifer Keesmaat, chief planner and executive director of the City of Toronto, discusses issues such as transit, density and costs with CBC's Peter Armstron...

  • When Climate Change Hits Home

    The National When Climate Change Hits Home

    Lennox Island may be a canary in the coal mine when it comes to climate change. Rising sea levels, storm surges and coastal erosion threaten the very existen...

  • The Man Who Planted Trees

    CBC Animation The Man Who Planted Trees

    2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the Oscar® win for The Man Who Planted Trees. Frédéric Back’s previous Oscar® win for Crac! allowed him to...

  • Billion Dollar Caribou

    The Nature of Things Billion Dollar Caribou

    Everyone has seen a woodland caribou on a quarter but very few of us have ever seen one in the wild. They’re known as the grey ghosts of the boreal for...

  • The Polar Explorer

    Documentary The Polar Explorer

    Today modern-day polar explorers are racing to understand the drastically changing ecosystems at both ends of the Earth — the Arctic and Antarctica. As this ...

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  • Shakespeare Selfie student writing challenge

    Shakespeare Selfie student writing challenge

    Over 400 years have passed since the death of William Shakespeare, yet his body of work continues to be studied, explored and enjoyed by audiences in the 21s...

  • Canada Reads 2018

    Canada Reads 2018

    Five books, five champions, one winner: CBC's annual Battle of the Books has been getting people listening, watching and reading since 2001. Canada Reads is ...

  • Women's Rights and Feminism

    Women's Rights and Feminism

    March 8 is International Women's Day. This collection looks at the history of feminism and the fight for women's rights in Canada and around the world.

  • Indigenous Youth

    Indigenous Youth

    This collection takes a closer look at the hopes, experiences and challenges of Indigenous youth in Canada today. Among the topics examined are cultural iden...

  • The LGBTQ experience in Canada

    The LGBTQ experience in Canada

    From the court battles of the past to the growing awareness of gender identity issues today, the stories in this collection highlight some of the challenges ...

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