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  • The First Page 2019

    The First Page 2019

    The First Page student writing challenge returns! For the 2019 challenge, CBC Books wants Grades 7 to 12 students to write the first page of a novel set 150 ...

  • Business & Economic Development in Canada

    Business & Economic Development in Canada

    This collection presents some of the great moments that have marked the history of business in Canada and highlights some of the issues that have had a signi...

  • Refer-O-scope (with English subtitles)

    Refer-O-scope (with English subtitles)

    Refer-O-scope is a series of six shorts that illustrate the various symptoms of psychosis and serve as an invitation to discover the assessment tool des...

  • Forest Fires and Climate Change

    Forest Fires and Climate Change

    In the summer of 2017, 1.22 million hectares of the B.C. landscape went up in smoke in what was then a record-breaking wildfire season. This trend was repeat...

  • CBC Podcasts in Class

    CBC Podcasts in Class

    New from CBC, Podcasts in Class is a way for teachers to bring podcasts into their classrooms, with custom-made lesson plans, slides, handouts, homework and ...

  • Gumboot Kids Curriculum

    Gumboot Kids Curriculum

    "Children today spend less time outdoors than any generation in human history. Yet we know that a daily dose of nature makes kids smarter, more curious and c...

  • Fake News and Disinformation

    Fake News and Disinformation

    Fake news and disinformation are increasingly spreading on the internet, especially on social media. But how can you recognize fake news, and why is it being...

  • Privacy and data protection

    Privacy and data protection

    In 2018 Ottawa introduced new privacy rules designed to better safeguard the personal data of Canadians, but even security experts say they are far from perf...

  • Beyond 94: Truth and Reconciliation in Canada

    Beyond 94: Truth and Reconciliation in Canada

    Winner of the Human Rights Reporting award from the Canadian Association of Journalists / Journalists for Human Rights, cbc.ca/beyond94 is an immersive ...

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