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News in Review - October 2007 The Van Doos Head for Afghanistan

In late summer 2007, soldiers from Canada’s Royal 22nd Regiment, commonly known as the Van Doos, began arriving in Afghanistan. They had barely settled in when they were rocked by the deaths of three soldiers in two bomb attacks. Because the Van Doos are based in Quebec, where anti-war feeling runs high, the tragedy also had a political dimension. In ...
  • 2007
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News in Review - February 2002 Afghanistan: Telling the Story

Foreign correspondents, like all journalists, are storytellers. They are our eyes and ears to world events. In the age of television, their jobs, especially in dangerous and violent conflicts, have taken on many new dimensions. Understanding how they do their work, what issues and challenges they face as journalists and how their reports affect our awareness of events is fundamental ...
  • 2002
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