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The Nature of Things Something in the Air

For a Canadian family living in Beijing, putting on face-masks to guard against smog is part of the morning routine. In China, air pollution causes more than 3,000 premature deaths every day. And cities across Asia and Europe — including London and Paris — now have to ban downtown traffic to manage their “Airpocalypse” days. But what about here at ...
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Cas de conscience Environnement

À quel point l’humain est-il déconnecté de son environnement et est-ce que le problème écologique est dû à sa relation dysfonctionnelle avec la nature? Intervenants : Jean-Patrick Toussaint, Chef des projets scientifiques, Spécialiste de l’environnement; Anne-Sophie Gousse-Lessard, Doctorante en psychologie sociale, Spécialiste en motivation environnementale; et Michel Séguin, Professeur PhD, ÉSG de l’UQAM, Spécialiste de l’éthique.
  • 2012
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News in Review - February 1998 Cutting Emissions: New Fuels for Cars

To a great extent in North America, and increasingly around the world, culture and economics have become based on the automobile. Our lifestyles, our urban development and our international trade are just some of the issues that highlight the impact on the planet of mass transportation and the proliferation of the automobile. In terms of our cars and how we ...
  • 1998
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