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News in Review - December 2017 Disability in Demand: Hiring People with Autism

Those with autism have not always been considered good candidates for the workforce. But that’s changing now. Employers are realizing that the unique qualities of an autistic mind can make for an employee who excels in certain thinking patterns. And that means a largely unemployable portion of the population is suddenly in demand. That’s not an accident. One firm in ...
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The Current Labels are for Cans: Managing autism in the workplace

People with high-functioning autism are said to have an "invisible disability." But it's not always completely invisible. There can be problems communicating, troublesome ticks, or socially inappropriate behaviour. Sometimes, it's enough to result in dismissal. Advocates say workplaces should be more accommodating. But as CBC reporter Julie Ireton discovered, there is a bigger debate taking place about whether workers with ...
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