Budget deficits -- Canada  

News in Review - November 2012 Ontario Teachers and Democratic Rights

With a provincial deficit approaching $15 billion and a debt load of over $200 billion, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty made it clear to the public sector that wages would be frozen until the province’s finances could be brought back to a reasonable level. Caught in the cross hairs of this threat were Ontario’s teachers whose contracts were set to expire ...
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News in Review - May 2012 Budget 2012: The Axe Begins to Fall

In late March, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives tabled a new budget. It outlined plans for more than $5 billion of spending cuts, as well as one for phasing out the penny. In this News in Review story we examine what’s in the budget and look at the reaction from the opposition and other Canadians.
  • 2012
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News in Review - March 2009 Canada Gets a Recession Budget

In early February 2009, the Conservative government’s new budget was passed by the House of Commons. Two months earlier, the Conservatives had claimed that spending billions of dollars to stimulate the economy wouldn’t be necessary. But the budget they tabled predicts a federal deficit of more than $60 billion over the next two years. In this News in Review story we’ll look ...
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News in Review - December 1994 Overdrawn: Understanding the Deficit

The lives of all Canadians are affected by government debt. This report examines the causes and the nature of the deficit.
  • 1994
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News in Review - September 1993 Governments Cut Back

All across the country, governments roll back wages, cut services, impose unpaid holidays and institute other cost-cutting measures in the public sector to reduce deficits.
  • 1993
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