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News in Review - April 2019 Science Smart: Indicators of Climate Change

While the cause of climate change may still be hotly debated – with many scientists saying it’s human activity while others suggesting it’s a cyclical heating up of the planet – the fact that climate change is occurring is not up for debate. There are indicators everywhere, from extreme weather events to rising seas levels, shrinking polar ice caps to ...
  • 2019
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  • 13-14
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The Nature of Things Lost in the Suburbs

The Nature of Things examines the social, economic and environmental implications of sprawl – low-density development that spreads out from the edge of cities and towns and consumes farmland, forest and wetlands. It is often poorly planned, land-consumptive and automobile oriented, such as residential subdivisions, which by virtue of their dependence on cars greatly contributes to environmental degradation. Are cities ...
  • 1998
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  • 13-14
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Our Vancouver Climate Change: Worst-Case Scenario

Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe explains the latest research on melting sea ice.
  • 2015
  • 00:02:41
  • 9-12
  • Added on: 10/07/2015

The Nature of Things Suzuki Diaries 3: Future City

Cities are where most Canadians live. And, as we head into the future, how we adapt to the needs of expanding cities will have a huge impact on their livability. Food, land use, housing, energy, waste, how we tackle these issues will determine whether our cities evolve, or whether they decline. In a new instalment of Suzuki Diaries, David and his daughter Sarika set ...
  • 2012
  • 00:44:37
  • 9-12
  • Added on: 06/14/2013