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News in Review - September 2017 Battery Power: Canadian Technology Powering The Future

Lithium-ion batteries are the heart of new technology. They’re used to power everything from cell phones to electric cars and many consumer electronics. And it’s a Canadian firm, Electrovaya, that’s leading the way, producing clean, safe lithium-ion batteries. In order to grow their business, they’re expanding overseas to develop their products. Now they’re poised to become global leaders in the ...
  • 2017
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  • 9-12
  • Added on: 09/26/2017

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The Nature of Things The Nano Revolution: Will Nano Save the Planet? (Part 3 of 3)

In the third part of this series from The Nature of Things, meet scientists who believe that nanotech may be the key to overcoming our environmental problems. Nano solar cells could make green energy cheaper. Nano additives to traditional fuels could make them cleaner. Nanotech could remediate contaminated water and soil. But are we creating pollutants more dangerous than the ones ...
  • 2011
  • 00:44:37
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 06/14/2013