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News in Review - December 2019 Election 2019: Canada Goes to the Polls

The writ was dropped, the election called and the politicians were off. The six-week federal election campaign quickly became a forum for personal attacks and finger-pointing. Scandals plagued the short but intense campaign. While polls suggested the LIberals and Conservatives were neck and neck, it was the Liberals’ race to lose. While they lost seats, they did manage to squeak ...
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The 180 Democracy Hacks: Coalition Governments

A new poll suggests that more Canadians might be willing to consider a coalition government than the last time the prospect was raised, in 2008. The 180 with Jim Brown hears more about the history of coalitions in Canada, and entertains a "democracy hack" suggestion from political scientist Lori Turnbull on making coalitions that are highly functional.
  • 2014
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News in Review - February 2009 The Conservatives and the Coalition

In early December 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government found itself fighting for its political life. Three opposition parties formed a coalition and announced they were ready to topple the Conservatives and form a new government. To avoid being defeated, the prime minister asked the governor general to shut down Parliament until late January 2009. In this News in Review story ...
  • 2009
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