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On the Money Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is supposed to protect you during those "rainy days" — that is, in cases of illness, disaster, job loss or other unexpected events. Are Canadians today prepared for these kinds of financial bumps? This On the Money segment from CBC's Peter Armstrong paints a grim picture of Canadians' average savings.
  • 2016
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Marketplace Debt Nation: Personal Finances in Crisis

As never before, Canada is a nation in debt. In fact, we’ve reached the point where the average Canadian family owes more than it earns. Marketplace met with three families living close to the edge. Like so many Canadians, they are living on credit and paying massive amounts of interest. Is there any way out in a world where money is ...
  • 2008
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The National The Cost of Living

From the grocery store to the gas station, consumers are facing some unpleasant surprises at the till. World events have triggered a big jump in the cost of oil and gas, and according to the United Nations, that could further destabilize already volatile world food markets. For Canadians, the average cost of basic necessities has been climbing steadily for months, ...
  • 2010
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News in Review - October 1998 The Changing World Economy

From boom to bust is a theme that has particular historical implications for Canada. For a country that is constantly striving to make global market connections, the current rocky world economy and financial losses in the once-promising Asian markets have great importance. Above all, the direct impact on the plunging Canadian dollar and the very real repercussions on Canadians’ lifestyle ...
  • 1998
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