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Power & Politics Security Controversy

Ray Boisvert, former assistant director of intelligence for CSIS, talks about the use of controversial security certificates that allow the federal government to detain residents and foreign nationals indefinitely if they pose a threat to national security. Boisvert brings an insider's view to how security certificates are put together, how government ministers would be briefed on cases requiring these certificates, ...
  • 2013
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  • Added on: 10/05/2015

The National Harkat Security Certificate Upheld

This report from Terry Milewski looks a the Supreme Court ruling that the controversial security certificate is constitutional. The rarely used certificate allows the government to detain and remove non-citizens considered a security threat, using secret evidence. This case in particular centred on Mohamed Harkat but will likely have wider implications.
  • 2014
  • 00:02:48
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  • Added on: 09/17/2015

CBC News Amnesty International on the Harkat Ruling

In the wake of the Supreme Court of Canada upholding the national security certificate against terror suspect Mohamed Harkat, the head of Amnesty International Canada speaks to reporters. Alex Neve expresses disappointment and points out that the Supreme Court ruling rejecting Harkat's constitutional challenge doesn't reference a single international human rights standard. Harkat, a former pizza delivery man, was born in ...
  • 2014
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