The Art Show Kevin’s Pumpkins

Inspired by a day at the local pumpkin patch with his family, Kevin transforms an ordinary pumpkin into an untraditional work of art.
  • 2017
  • 00:05:02
  • 5-8
  • Added on: 11/16/2017

Exhibitionists Exhibitionists, Season 1, Episode 8

In this episode a visual artist wields 50,000 pieces of LEGO; a Toronto musician bucks the norm with her theremin playing; and a Montreal street artist takes you along for the ride; plus more!
  • 2015
  • 00:21:54
  • 15-17
  • Added on: 04/25/2017

Crash Gallery Flipped Portraits and Puzzle Pieces

Mixed-media painter Jenn Brisson, cake artist Candice Roach and illustrator Michael Markowsky create their own comic strip employing different artistic mediums for each picture-block.
  • 2015
  • 00:21:49
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 10/13/2016

Crash Gallery Smashed Plates and Invisible Portraits

Graffiti artist Kris Kupskay, nail artist Winnie Huang and face painter Tajah Olson get friendly with the audience while smashing plates and glassware to create a mosaic.
  • 2015
  • 00:21:48
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 10/13/2016

Crash Gallery Paint Guns and Glow Sticks

In this episode, toy guns, paint grenades and glow sticks are just a few of the tools used by a puppet maker, an illustrator and a painter as they go head to head in an effort to create eye-grabbing art.
  • 2015
  • 00:21:31
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 09/16/2016