Drug resistance in microorganisms  

The Nature of Things The Antibiotic Hunters

What do sloths, alligators and Komodo dragons have to do with antibiotics? The Antibiotic Hunters follows drug researchers as they become jungle hunters, deep-sea divers and cave explorers — all in an urgent search for the building blocks of new antibiotics. Many of our current antibacterial drugs have lost their effectiveness due to overuse, so now scientists have to hunt in remote ...
  • 2015
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Marketplace Superbugs in the Supermarket: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Antibiotics are a cornerstone of modern medicine, but bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to them. This means people are getting sicker and taking longer to get well. One culprit could be the large amounts of antibiotics given to the animals we eat, even when they're healthy. In an important story about human health, Marketplace tests chicken samples from major supermarkets ...
  • 2010
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The Nature of Things Antibiotics: Growing Resistance

Researchers are concerned that certain diseases may have evolved into meaner, drug-resistant forms. Antibiotics: Growing Resistance explains how antibiotics work and why bacteria become immune to them. It also shows how the transmission of bacteria in high-risk areas such as hospitals and day care centres can be reduced. Doctors and researchers discuss the problems associated with over-prescribing and they stress the importance ...
  • 1996
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News in Review - May 2005 Invisible Enemy: The Superbug Threat

Hospitals across Canada are battling a hidden epidemic. It’s an epidemic of so-called superbugs, bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. The superbugs are killing thousands of Canadians every year. More cases are being reported all the time. In this News in Review story we’ll hear from some Canadians who went into a hospital to get healed, and got a lot ...
  • 2005
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