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News in Review - April 2017 Degrees of Disappointment: Is Higher Education Failing?

Young Canadians are feeling betrayed. They were told that if they went to university and got a good education they would get a secure job and a stable future. But that promise isn’t always coming true these days. Many graduates are ending up in precarious jobs with no future. Nick Purdon looks at the promise of higher education and asks ...
  • 2017
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The 180 Is Higher Education a Solution to Income Inequality?

What if higher education isn't the way out of income inequality? Education has long been seen as the great equalizer to help narrow the gap between the haves and have nots. It's a widespread belief espoused by teachers, employers and politicians the world over. But a new study by two Canadian economists has turned that consensus on its head. They ...
  • 2015
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  • Added on: 10/05/2015

The Current Could Pay-What-You-Can Tuition Work in Canada?

Many Canadian students scrape together thousands of dollars in loans, grants and savings for tuition fees... and still deal with crushing debt after graduation. People who've endured it successfully might say it's a rite of passage, or a good hard lesson in money management. But the State of Oregon thinks students may benefit from different rites and different lessons. It's ...
  • 2013
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  • Added on: 11/25/2013