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News in Review - October 2020 COVID-19 Update: What Have We Learned?

The coronavirus pandemic that spread across the world in early 2020 changed all our lives. In March, Canada closed its borders, shuttered all non-essential business and asked its citizens to stay home. For months we waited. Once the infection numbers dropped significantly, the country began to reopen cautiously. But COVID-19 is still here. And some countries are being forced to ...
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  • Added on: 10/30/2020

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The National Second wave of COVID-19 a ‘statistical certainty’: infectious disease expert

World-renowned infectious disease expert Dr. Gabriel Leung was among the first to predict the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic in January and he says the worst is far from over.
  • 2020
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The National Flattening the curve: How to slow down coronavirus spread

Graph shows how new cases of COVID-19 can quickly overwhelm a health-care system if precautions aren't taken.
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  • Added on: 03/31/2020

CBC Kids News What is flattening the curve?

Health officials keep talking about flattening the curve. Charlotte and Jimmy Greig, from Guelph, Ont., wanted to know what that means. Basically, it means people still get sick with the coronavirus, but over a longer period of time instead of all at once. That way, doctors are able to treat everyone who needs help, instead of having to deal with ...
  • 2020
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