The National Second wave of COVID-19 a ‘statistical certainty’: infectious disease expert

World-renowned infectious disease expert Dr. Gabriel Leung was among the first to predict the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic in January and he says the worst is far from over.
  • 2020
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CBC Kids News Why is the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic?

Why is the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic? It means it’s new and it’s spreading around the world. At first the coronavirus was called an outbreak. Then, on March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced it was going to start calling it a pandemic. What’s a pandemic? A pandemic is a new virus that’s infecting a lot of people. It ...
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Quirks & Quarks Ancient Plague Identified

Eight hundred years before the notorious Black Death plague, another pandemic devastated Europe. The Justinian plague wiped out up to half the population and is thought to have contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire. But not that much had been known about it — until now. Dr. Hendrik Poinar, an evolutionary geneticist at McMaster University, analysed the teeth ...
  • 2014
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The Fifth Estate Black Dawn: The Next Pandemic

Black Dawn is a docudrama featuring leading epidemiologists, doctors and emergency planners who imagine the impact avian flu would have as it spreads around the globe. Although fictional, the scenario is very much grounded in scientific fact and inspired by the research and pandemic preparedness efforts of the world's leading thinkers on the subject. Some predict the coming pandemic will ...
  • 2006
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