Ideas The Fat Wars (Part 2 of 2)

North Americans have been waging a war since the early 20th century, on two main fronts – health and fashion. "We have turned thinning into a new religion in this country," observed Roberta Seid, social historian and author of Never Too Thin: Why Women are at War with their Bodies. The second part of this two-part series traces the evolution of ...
  • 1997
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The National Clothing that doesn't sacrifice fashion for sustainability

Fashion doesn't have to be sacrificed for sustainability and several Canadian designers are trying to make a difference in the way they produce clothes. The fashion industry is the second-worst polluting industry, but things are changing, albeit slowly. CBC News speaks to two designers who, in different ways, have changed their ways to create clothing that's sustainable, good for the ...
  • 2018
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Fortune Hunters Runway to Retail: Business Trends in Fashion

There's a huge trend towards instant gratification in our culture, and that trend has hit the world of fashion. We used to wait a year for style to move from concept to consumers, but now the fashion business is moving fast. Thanks to quicker production cycles and cheaper manufacturing, high fashion can go from the catwalk to your closet in ...
  • 2008
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News in Review - April 2007 Fashion and the Dangerously Thin

Obesity is a major problem in Canada. But while shedding a few pounds can sometimes be a healthy choice, being too thin can be bad for you. Doctors have been noticing an increase in eating disorders, and some of them blame the fashion industry. In this News in Review story we’ll look at how the industry has been accused of sending out ...
  • 2007
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News in Review - February 1997 Victims of Fashion

This report is a haunting look at the newest fashion phenomenon, the emaciated teenage supermodel, and the impact on, and implications for, young people.
  • 1997
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