Franklin, John, 1786-1847  

Découverte Franklin et plomb

Contrairement à une hypothèse répandue, les marins qui ont participé à l’expédition de John Franklin, dans les années 1840, à la recherche du passage du Nord-Ouest, ne seraient pas morts d’une intoxication au plomb. Reportage du 17 mars 2019.
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Découverte L’échangeur Turcot / Science participative / IRCM, 50 ans / HMS Terror

La reconstruction de l’échangeur Turcot à Montréal, la science participative, les 50 ans de l’institut de recherche clinique de Montréal et la fin tragique de l’expédition de Sir John Franklin. Épisode du 23 avril 2017.
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The Nature of Things Franklin's Lost Ships Classroom Favourites

In 1845 Sir John Franklin set off to find the Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic. Franklin, his two ships and 129 men were never heard from again. And the fate of the expedition has become one of the greatest mysteries in the history of exploration. But does the discovery last summer of Franklin’s flagship Erebus mean the mystery has ...
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News in Review - October 2012 The Search for the Franklin Expedition

Captain Sir John Franklin and his crew of 130 men set off from Britain 160 years ago on an expedition of the Arctic. The two ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, were some of the biggest and strongest vessels ever to make the journey. Stocked with food, water and other necessities to last seven years, the expedition hoped to ...
  • 2012
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