Gun control -- Canada  

News in Review - September 2019 Guns: The Urban-Rural Divide

The increase in shootings in many Canadian cities has more and more people calling for a ban on handguns and tougher firearm restrictions. But for many rural Canadians, legal gun use is a part of daily life, far removed from city shootings that make the news. This has sparked a heated debate between rural and urban residents over how to ...
  • 2019
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CBC Short Docs Walk Good

In this stirring portrait, a grieving mother reconciles her life after each of her three children is murdered in three separate and unrelated shootings. As a single mother, Carol Roache understood the myriad of complex and deadly struggles that black youth face each day, and she carefully prepared her children for the world that awaited them. She raised them to ...
  • 2016
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News in Review - April 2013 U.S. Gun Debate

The city of Chicago saw more than 500 murders in 2012. Most of these crimes were committed by people with guns. We look at why guns are so readily available in the U.S. and examine whether Canada is any different. 
  • 2013
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News in Review - October 2010 The Fate of the Long-Gun Registry

For almost 10 years Canadians have been required to register any firearms they own. But last year a Conservative MP introduced a bill that would scrap the registry and destroy data on millions of shotguns and rifles. We’ll take a closer look at the debate over the fate of the gun registry and examine why it’s such an emotional issue.
  • 2010
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News in Review - February 2003 The Gun Law: Pro & Con

News in Review examines the problems the federal government has had implementing its gun registry. The recent revelation by the Auditor General that the program has so far cost a billion dollars has caused a political firestorm on Parliament Hill. By January 1, every gun owner should have registered their firearms, but despite the billion dollars, nobody knows for sure ...
  • 2003
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News in Review - September 1999 Children in Trouble: Guns in Schools

The occurrence of gun-related violence in schools on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border has once again prompted questions about a "culture of violence" in North American society, which some say has become an integral part of the school community. It is quite normal for schools, as public institutions, to reflect changing values and mores in society as a whole, ...
  • 1999
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News in Review - April 1995 Gun Control Law: To Stop the Killing

With the tabling of gun control legislation in Parliament, we examine the events and public reaction that led to the legislation as well as the parliamentary process itself.
  • 1995
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News in Review - May 1994 The New Criminals: Trigger Happy

Recent random violent crimes in Canada are the point of departure for examining such issues as gun control and the Young Offenders Act.
  • 1994
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