Hijab (Islamic clothing) -- Social aspects  

News in Review - December 2015 ​Niqab Debate: A Canadian Election Firestorm

In 2011 Stephen Harper's Conservative government banned the wearing of the niqab during citizenship ceremonies because, they said, it was a symbol of oppression. One women, Zunera Ishaq, challenged the ban. This battle became a hotbed issue during the 2015 federal election. In the end the courts affirmed Ishaq's right to wear the niqab. Did it cost the Conservatives their ...
  • 2015
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The National Beyond the Veil

Anna Maria Tremonti looks at the role of the veil and what lies beneath it in Iran. The traditional dress is being challenged by the young but never ignored. Western influence seeps into Iran.
  • 1996
  • 00:21:54
  • 15-17
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