Human trafficking victims -- Canada  

News in Review - February 2018 Sexual Slavery: The Shocking World of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is big business in Canada, with girls, some as young as 12, coerced into sexual slavery. Ninety percent of the victims come from within Canada. They are controlled by pimps who may initially pose as their boyfriends, showering them with attention and gifts. Then they are threatened, beaten, held captive and even branded. The problem has become so ...
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The Fifth Estate Too Young to Lose

This documentary from CBC's The Fifth Estate tells the story of four young Edmonton women who became ensnared in the sex trade, singled out and exploited by pimps preying upon their vulnerability. Mark Kelley sat down with these young women to find out how they were recruited and groomed for the sex trade. The Fifth Estate also spoke with police and with community and ...
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The Current Human Trafficking of Inuit Women and Girls

They don't even have a name for it in Inuktitut, but a new study says human trafficking of Inuit women and girls is an alarming trend that must be tackled. There are reports of families approached to sell babies, and Aboriginal youth between 11 and 14 lured with free trips south and then trafficked for sex. Anna Maria Tremonti hears ...
  • 2014
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