Hydrogen cars  

CBC News Fuel cells not only for cars

B.C.'s Ballard Power Systems shifts away from hydrogen vehicles to other industries to grow business.
  • 2015
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The Nature of Things Supercar, Building the Car of the Future

With rising fuel prices and growing environmental concerns, never before has it been so urgent to imagine what next year’s car model might look like. But there is hope. All over the world there are people trying to figure out how to build an environmentally and socially sound version of the car. Join engineering professor Brian Fleck on a quest to ...
  • 2009
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The National The Next Energy Crisis: Taking Responsibility

While average Canadians want to be environmental good-guys, they are unaware of the amount of sacrifice this will entail. In fact, per capita, Canadians are the earth's second worst producers of greenhouse gasses and it is the average household, not big industry, that is to blame. Thomas D'Aquino, a business lobbyist, describes the harsh socioeconomic cost of implementing the kind ...
  • 1997
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Venture Powering the Future: Hydrogen, the New Oil

Two related documentaries form this full-edition feature on attempts to make hydrogen a viable alternative to oil. In The Iceland Experiment we explore that country's determination to break its reliance on foreign oil. Government officials and consumers comment on the switch from fossil fuels to hydrogen. Next, in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars we look at the long difficult road to ...
  • 2002
  • 00:23:34
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