Indians of North America -- First contact with Europeans  

Canada: The Story of Us Worlds Collide (pre-1608-1759)

Hundreds of Indigenous nations with advanced cultures already live in Canada when French and English colonizers arrive and fight for land claims. Indigenous people suffer as a result of first contact. Features stories/events include: Turtle Island, Samuel de Champlain and early settlements, Wendat and Haudenosaunee, Filles du Roi, Radisson and Des Groseilliers, Plains of Abraham. Important note for teachers: This ...
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Canada: A People's History When the World Began Must-See

Episode 1: 15 000 BCE to 1800 CE. The opening episode of this series ranges across the continent, looking back more than 15,000 years to recount the varied history of the first occupants of the territory that would become Canada. From the rich resource of native oral history and archeology come the stories of the land's first people — how ...
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