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Telling Our Twisted Histories School

For over 150 years, Indian Residential Schools were one of the primary means by which the government assimilated us in order to “kill the Indian in the child.” These compulsory schools shattered our families, our languages and our cultures. This great pain was passed down from generation to generation and impacts our communities to this day. Together, we will decolonize ...
  • 2021
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The National Teens make history as first graduates from small community

Three teenagers have made history as the first graduates from a small community in the Northwest Territories. The students from Ulukhaktok, a hamlet with a population of 400, successfully obtained all their high school credits and will be going on to post-secondary education, thanks in large part to distance learning. CBC News takes a look at how the groundbreaking moment ...
  • 2018
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News in Review - February 2017 The Sioux Lookout Solution: ​Playing ​Hockey Not Hookey

There are big problems in Canada’s remote northern communities keeping kids in school. Many drop out, turning instead to alcohol, drugs or worse. Recently, one school board in northwestern Ontario came up with a solution to get kids engaged. It made hockey a part of the physical education curriculum. Dubbed the “Hockey Academy,” the program is now in three schools ...
  • 2017
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As It Happens Attawapiskat's New School

At last the people of Attawapiskat are getting a new school. It's been 14 years since the former elementary school there was condemned for toxic contamination. As It Happens speaks with Chelsea-Jane Edwards, one of the people who campaigned hard for the school. Chelsea co-founded Shannen’s Dream, a campaign for safe, comfortable schools and equitable education on reserves across Canada. The ...
  • 2014
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CBC News Life Under Construction

Those who qualify must overcome past traumas, fight addictions and manage complicated parenting challenges to find success. Can Cory, whose mother was killed by his alcoholic father, put his traumatic past behind him to move forward? Can a single mother of three, Marylou, juggle her family responsibilities with a career? Will expectant father Colten conquer his drug and alcohol habits in ...
  • 2012
  • 01:30:22
  • 15-17
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CBC News An Urban Aboriginal High School

This CBC News report from Waubgeshig Rice introduces an Ottawa school that is finding out that flexibility and culture are crucial to turning out graduates. Vanessa Snowboy is one of 35 students enrolled at Ottawa’s Urban Aboriginal Alternate High School, run out of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. She speaks Cree freely with other classmates who are also ...
  • 2013
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Ideas Human Rights and Today's Aboriginal Children and Youth

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond is British Columbia's Representative for Children and Youth. She believes the welfare of aboriginal children is a human rights issue. In the 2013 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture, Turpel-Lafond makes the case there's been little progress on the human rights of First Nation's children in today's Canada. The 2013 Vancouver Human Rights Lecture is presented in collaboration with ...
  • 2013
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The Fifth Estate Stories from the River's Edge

Each year hundreds of Aboriginal students in Northern Ontario are forced to leave their families and homes to pursue something the rest of the country takes for granted — a high school education. The Fifth Estate presents an extremely up-close and personal look inside the lives of students and staff at the Dennis Franklin Cromarty First Nations High School in ...
  • 2011
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