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News in Review - November 2012 Ontario Teachers and Democratic Rights

With a provincial deficit approaching $15 billion and a debt load of over $200 billion, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty made it clear to the public sector that wages would be frozen until the province’s finances could be brought back to a reasonable level. Caught in the cross hairs of this threat were Ontario’s teachers whose contracts were set to expire ...
  • 2012
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News in Review - February 1997 Canadian Airlines: Fighting to Survive

The issues of management skills, pressure from an American corporate partner, competition from Air Canada and union intransigence are focal points for this story.
  • 1997
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News in Review - December 1996 The GM Strike: Driving in New Directions

Outsourcing, the changing global automobile industry, new international alignments and the significance of this strike in terms of labour history are the focal points of this report.
  • 1996
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News in Review - October 1991 On Strike!

In this report we review the recent postal, public service and transit strikes and we explore the history of the labour movement in Canada.
  • 1991
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  • Added on: 10/15/1991