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News in Review - February 2001 The Innu: Another Cry for Help

This story recalls the March 1993 News in Review report on Davis Inlet: Moving from Misery. This time we focus not only on the epidemic gas sniffing and drug and alcohol abuse of young people in the northern community of Sheshatshiu, but we examine the national public outrage, protest and actions taken by the Newfoundland and federal governments to deal with the situation, as ...
  • 2001
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News in Review - March 1993 Davis Inlet: Moving from Misery

In January 1993, six children in the aboriginal Innu community of Davis Inlet attempted multiple suicide by inhaling gasoline fumes. All fortunately were rescued and those most at risk were removed from the community to Poundmaker’s Lodge, a native treatment centre near Edmonton. The footage of these children was broadcast nationally and sparked a new cross-country awareness of the tragedy ...
  • 1993
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