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The National Canadians pay big fees for Internet — so why don't they switch companies?

Canadians pay some of the biggest fees for Internet service, and Canada's big telecommunication companies are raising their prices — so why don't Canadians switch to other companies? There are many alternatives to Bell, Rogers and Telus, but consumers seem reluctant to switch. CBC News takes a look at why Canadians continue to pay huge fees even as they complain ...
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Venture Internet Geeks

When Matt Harrop was in high school, he didn’t like the way internet companies were doing business. So, he dropped out of high school, borrowed $7,500 and started his own company. His gamble paid off and within 12 short months, his company was a cyberspace success story.
  • 1996
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News in Review - December 2009 The Internet: Forty Years Later

It’s been 40 years since the Internet was born. Since then it has revolutionized our world. But it has also brought with it a host of new problems. In this News in Review story we’ll look at the birth of the Internet, and examine some issues that are clouding its future.
  • 2009
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