Iraq -- Foreign relations -- 1991-  

News in Review - May HMCS Toronto: Containing Iraq

From the beginning of the conflict in the Persian Gulf, Canada has had a role to play both militarily and diplomatically. In both regards, the lives of Canadian citizens have been affected and at times endangered. The Canadian Frigate HMCS Toronto, the most modern warship of its class, patrols the Persian Gulf as part of the international force that has ...
  • 1998
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News in Review - February 1999 Desert Fox: Degrading Saddam Hussein?

Despite Saddam Hussein’s defeat in the 1990 Persian Gulf War, the continuing international economic sanctions, and the recent 70-hour air attack by the United States and Britain, Iraq’s dictator still hangs on to power. At the same time, his chief international opponent, U.S. President Bill Clinton, faces a different attack on his own power base. For news watchers, it has ...
  • 1999
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