Iraq War, 2003-2011  

Mansbridge One on One The Aga Khan

A rare conversation with the leader of the world's 15 million Ismaili Muslims.
  • 2015
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Doc Zone The Bush Years

Terence McKenna takes a retrospective look at U.S. President George W. Bush, arguably one of the most controversial public figures of recent memory. The Bush Years opens with a look at the seminal moments of his life before the Presidency. This documentary also details decisive moments and critical decisions that affected his country and the world.
  • 2008
  • 01:30:23
  • 15-17
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News in Review - February 2007 The U.S. Sends More Troops to Iraq

In early January 2007, U.S. President George Bush announced he was going to send more American soldiers to Iraq. The decision came a month after an American government study group delivered a devastating verdict on that war. It called the situation grave and deteriorating. In this News in Review story we’ll look at what’s happening in Iraq, and show you ...
  • 2007
  • 00:14:21
  • 13-14
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News in Review - May 2006 Iraq Rescue: Two Canadians are Freed

On March 23, 2006, British and American soldiers stormed a house in Baghdad and rescued three Christian peace activists. The three men, including two Canadians, James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden, had been kidnapped and held as hostages for almost four months. A fourth member of the group was killed by the kidnappers two weeks before the others were rescued. ...
  • 2006
  • 00:14:42
  • 13-14
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News in Review - October 2003 Iraq: The Search for Security

When George W. Bush declared victory in May 2003 in the war with Iraq, he warned that “difficult work” remained. But no one could know just how difficult the job of restoring peace in Iraq would be. As of October 11, 2003, 202 coalition soldiers (182 American, 18 British, one Ukrainian and one Danish) have died in vicious guerrilla battles ...
  • 2003
  • 00:15:29
  • 13-14
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News in Review - May 2003 War and Peace in Iraq

Saddam Hussein’s regime has collapsed and the war in Iraq has come to an end. But now questions are being asked about the future. Will the coalition forces become an occupying army or will Iraqis quickly re-establish self-rule? What will be the role of the United Nations? News in Review examines the issues.
  • 2003
  • 00:13:57
  • 13-14
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News in Review - March 2003 Iraq: The Drums of War

There’s a war of words over the fate of Iraq. The U.S. is determined to topple Saddam Hussein and to do it soon. But many of its allies, including Canada, are telling it to wait. News in Review reports on a debate that is dividing NATO and the United Nations.
  • 2003
  • 00:15:50
  • 13-14
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News in Review - February 2003 The U.S. vs. Iraq: Testing a New Doctrine

Motivated by the tragedy of September 11, the U.S. has recently announced a historic policy change. The Bush Doctrine proclaims that the U.S. will pre-emptively and — if necessary — unilaterally attack with overpowering force any nation posing a threat to it. Since the fall of 2002 the U.S. has been making the case that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq poses just ...
  • 2003
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