Lithium ion batteries  

News in Review - September 2017 Battery Power: Canadian Technology Powering The Future

Lithium-ion batteries are the heart of new technology. They’re used to power everything from cell phones to electric cars and many consumer electronics. And it’s a Canadian firm, Electrovaya, that’s leading the way, producing clean, safe lithium-ion batteries. In order to grow their business, they’re expanding overseas to develop their products. Now they’re poised to become global leaders in the ...
  • 2017
  • 00:11:47
  • 9-12
  • Added on: 09/26/2017

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The National Canadian Innovations

Three short documentaries from The National look at Canadian companies thriving despite the current economic downturn. Their secret: embracing today’s new green economy. As auto manufacturing plants begin to rust away, meet the small Mississauga-based company, Electrovaya, that’s creating 100% recyclable portable power packs for electric cars. Then track the success of a McGill University team building a silent snowmobile that ...
  • 2009
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  • 9-12
  • Added on: 06/14/2013