Mass shootings -- Québec (Province) -- Montréal  

News in Review - February 2020 The Montreal Massacre: 30 Years On

On a cold December night 30 years ago, a man walked into Montreal’s École Polytechnique, separated the men from the women and started shooting the women. Fourteen women died that day and 13 others were wounded. In a suicide note, the killer claimed he did it because he hated feminists, whom he held responsible for ruining his life. Thirty years ...
  • 2020
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The Fifth Estate Legacy of Pain

On December 6, 1989, Marc Lépine walked into Montreal's École Polytechnique and shot 14 young women to death. The massacre shocked the world. Questions about Lépine and his motives were difficult to answer. A profile of Marc Lépine traces his upbringing and other factors that shaped his distorted world in an effort to provide some explanation for his heinous crime. ...
  • 1999
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