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The National Canada's struggle to provide health care to northern communities

Canada is struggling to provide health care to northern communities, according to one doctor who travels monthly to provide his services. Dr. Mike Kirlew says that the level of care his patients in northern communities have access to is not even close to what is available to other Canadians.
  • 2018
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The National Canada's Social Safety Net: In Sickness and in Health (Part 4 of 4)

Medicare, Canada's universally accessible and publicly funded health care system, is one of the social institutions of which we are most proud. Many experts argue that it is one of the best health care systems in the world. Recently, however, shrinking financial resources and increasing health care demands have brought calls for reform. This program examines how Canadian health care ...
  • 1993
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News in Review - December 2002 A Prescription for Health Care

This News in Review story focuses on the Romanow Report on the state and future of Canada’s health-care system. It includes the report’s major recommendations and the political response to it, as well as its implications for the country’s medicare system and Canadians’ access to it in future years.
  • 2002
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News in Review - February 1998 Northern Medicine: Too Little, Too Far

As the crash of an aircraft in a remote region of Manitoba reminds us, Canada is still very much a country of diverse geography, immense distances and difficult terrain. Despite technological advances, government programs and improvements in transportation, not all Canadians have access to the same health care services. This story raises important social and political questions, but it also ...
  • 1998
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