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The National Mental health spotlighted by Toronto shooting

Experts are warning against drawing a direct link between mental illness and violence. They believe doing so can stigmatize others when using a broad brush approach on a matter that's much more complicated.
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News in Review - December 2017 Mind, Body and Spirit: Exploring Healthy Options

The Canadian government considers this country to be in a health crisis. Obesity, diabetes, cancer and mental health issues are on the rise and taking a toll on the country’s health services. But we can all take steps now to live a healthier and longer life. The CBC’s health reporter Christine Birak takes us through just a few of the ...
  • 2017
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Keeping Canada Safe Keeping Canada Safe, Episode 5

A police task force in Quebec City undertakes the suspenseful, chilling arrest of a suspected child pornographer. Canadian Forces fighter jet pilots in Cold Lake engage in a thrilling mid-air dogfight to test their response in the event of enemy attack. A Commercial Vehicle Inspection Officer engages in high-speed pursuit of a truck on an Alberta highway — and finds ...
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Hidden City The Disabled City

One way to get a different perspective on any city is to see it through the eyes of people who have disabilities. What's it like to get around if you need a wheelchair, if you're blind, or if you suffer from mental illness? What kind of help is available, from sidewalk ramps and "singing traffic signals" to clinics and support ...
  • 2007
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News in Review - November 2007 Helping the Mentally Ill Homeless

In late August 2007, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the formation of the Canadian Mental Health Commission. It will fight the stigma associated with mental illness and draw up a mental health strategy for Canada. One of its biggest challenges will be to find new ways to help people who are mentally ill and homeless. In this News in Review ...
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