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Library and Archives Canada Tom Longboat is Cogwagee is Everything

In the early 20th century, no spectator sport captivated the world like long distance running. And no runner captured the hearts of Canadians like a Six Nations Indigenous man by the name of Cogwagee in the Onondaga language, or Tom Longboat in English. From his victory at the 1907 Boston Marathon, where he shattered the previous world record by five ...
  • 2019
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The Secret Life of Canada Shout Out to Tom Longboat

Meet Tom Longboat, an Onondaga long distance runner born in 1887 on Six Nations. Tom became one of the most celebrated athletes of all time, despite his struggles and encountering racism throughout his career.View the Secret Life of Canada curriculum package
  • 2018
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CBC Short Docs Run as One: The Journey of the Front Runners

In 1967, Winnipeg hosted the fifth Pan American Games. 10 young Indigenous athletes from First Nations across Manitoba were selected to run the Pan Am torch from Minneapolis to Winnipeg — an 800 km, once-in-a-lifetime journey. But just before the athletes arrived at the opening ceremonies, the torch was taken from them and handed to a non-Indigenous athlete, who carried ...
  • 2018
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The National Tom Longboat: Canadian history behind the June 4 Google Doodle

The June 4, 2018 Google Doodle honoured legendary Indigenous Canadian athlete Tom Longboat, who was born on this day in 1887. A runner from Ontario's Six Nations Reserve, Longboat shattered records and stereotypes.
  • 2018
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ReVision Quest Racism and the Olympics

It’s every athlete’s dream to reach the Olympics, but why is it so rarely a reality for Aboriginal people? Barriers go beyond just money.
  • 2009
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  • Added on: 11/05/2013