North American Free Trade Agreement (1992 December 17)  

News in Review - June 2006 Harsh Reality: Mexico's NAFTA Problem

When Mexico signed the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and the United States, it had high hopes for a bright new future. It was counting on massive new investment to help boost its economy and improve the lives of its many poor people. But 12 years later that dream of prosperity has all but vanished. In this News ...
  • 2006
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News in Review - October 1994 Mexico: Free and Fair?

This report on the recent Mexican national election reveals the political landscape of Canada's free trade partner against a backdrop of the Chiapas peasant revolt, the assassination of a presidential candidate, and the economic changes that NAFTA has brought about.
  • 1994
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News in Review - February 1994 NAFTA: Going Continental

This News in Review report on free trade between Canada, the United States and Mexico examines the social and economic implications of the deal now that it has been formally passed in all three countries.
  • 1994
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News in Review - September 1992 Canada, the United States, and Mexico: A New Trade Deal

This story traces the events leading to the historic signing of the free trade agreement between the three countries and examines its economic and social impact.
  • 1992
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News in Review - April 1991 Free Trade: Canada, the United States and Mexico

A review of the Canada-U.S. free trade agreement is the starting point for examining the proposed free trade agreement with Mexico. The economies of the three countries are contrasted.
  • 1991
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