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The National David Saint-Jacques checks in from outer space

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques has been on the International Space Station since early December. Andrew Chang had the rare opportunity to speak to him from space. They chatted about his mission, what it is like being in space, fixing a leaky toilet, and how much he missed his family.
  • 2019
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News in Review - February 2019 Astronaut David Saint-Jacques: The Man and his Mission

David Saint-Jacques may not be a household name… yet! But he's likely to become one. He's only the 10th Canadian astronaut to go into space. He's assigned to spend six and a half months on the International Space Station conducting various experiments and operating the Canadarm. At 49 years of age, Saint-Jacques’ journey to space is as interesting as how ...
  • 2019
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The National Canadian David Saint-Jacques joins crew at space station

After a flawless launch and a warm welcome at the International Space Station, a Canadian is in orbit again for the first time since 2013. David Saint-Jacques will spend the next six and a half months up there conducting experiments, operating Canadarm2 (the Canadian-built robotic arm aboard the ISS) and testing new technologies, according to the Canadian Space Agency.
  • 2018
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The National Why SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket launch has so many people excited

Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster is well on its way to the asteroid belt. And CBC's Bob McDonald is just back from the rocket launch that was watched around the world. McDonald weighs in on how he sees this shaping the future of space exploration.
  • 2018
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News in Review - November 2017 Canada's 29th Governor General: Julie Payette

Julie Payette has lived an exciting life that very few can even dream about. As an astronaut for Canada, she’s been to the International Space Station twice. She’s a pilot, an athlete, an engineer and speaks six languages. In October 2017, Ms. Payette, who is 53 years old, took on her latest adventure. She became Canada’s 29th Governor General – representing ...
  • 2017
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News in Review - March 2017 Roberta Bondar: Stellar Inspiration

​Twenty five years ago, Roberta Bondar blasted into history as the first Canadian woman in space. A research scientist in neurology, she used her education in the first International Microgravity Laboratory Mission on board Space Shuttle Discovery. Now, a quarter of a century later, she’s still flying high, reaching out to a younger generation to spark their curiosity in all things ...
  • 2017
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CBC News Rosetta Spacecraft Reaches Comet

In August 2014, European spacecraft Rosetta became the first ever to catch up with a comet, a landmark stage in a decade-long space mission that scientists hope will help unlock some of the secrets of the solar system. The Rosetta will orbit Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, with a landing planned for November. CBC's science expert Bob McDonald explains the mission's objectives.
  • 2014
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News in Review - December 2013 A Look Back at Science and Health 2013

The world of science and health in 2013 gave us a Canadian astronaut who became an international star, while rockets were launched to clean up debris in space. Meanwhile scientists debunked intelligence testing, declared climate change real, and grew meat in a test tube.
  • 2013
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News in Review - February 2013 Chris Hadfield: Return to Space

Canadian born astronaut Chris Hadfield is in space for the third time. He’s on a five-month mission on the International Space Station but this time Chris will be in charge. And he’s taking his guitar and his Twitter account with him. 
  • 2013
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News in Review - September 2009 Two Canadians Meet in Space

In July 2009, Canadian astronaut Julie Payette rocketed into space and made history. When she met her colleague Robert Thirsk on board the International Space Station, it was the first time two Canadians had been in space at once. In this News in Review story we’ll look at the mission that brought the two astronauts together and examine Canada’s role ...
  • 2009
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News in Review - April 2004 Next Floor Mars? The Space Elevator

The excitement generated by the latest missions to Mars has a lot of scientists and space buffs hoping that humans will soon go where only probes and robots have gone before. But not many people will ever get a chance to travel into space until something can be done to replace the rockets we need to get us there. They ...
  • 2004
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News in Review - March 1992 Roberta Bondar: A Canadian in Space

Dan Bjarnason takes us to Cape Canaveral for the launch of Canada's second astronaut in space and reviews Dr. Bondar's professional achievements.
  • 1992
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