Paleontology -- Cambrian  

The Nature of Things First Animals

For most of its existence, planet Earth has been a brutal, inhospitable, toxic nightmare, until a half billion years ago when – KABOOM! – life suddenly appeared. First Animals takes you back to the Cambrian Explosion through newly-discovered fossils that tell us more about our own origins. Renowned evolutionary biologist Maydianne Andrade is our guide, showing us how complex – and ...
  • 2019
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The Nature of Things The Burgess Shale: Impressions of Life

They were the first animals on earth. All animals today, including the human species, go back in a direct line of descent to those first ancestors. Traces of these first animals have been beautifully preserved in fossils from a deposit in British Columbia, high in the Rocky Mountains in Yoho National Park. It's known as the Burgess Shale.
  • 1992
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