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The National Is Canada keeping its peacekeeping promise?

Canada's contribution to peacekeeping has long been a part of its history, but it appears that lately it's not keeping recent promises. During the 2015 election campaign, the Liberal Party promised to offer more troops and police officers to the UN. But there's little sign those commitments will be kept.
  • 2018
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#StandForCanada #StandForCanada Youth Challenge: Grade 8 students at A.J. Smeltzer Junior High

This video was created by Grade 8 students at A.J. Smeltzer Junior High in Sackville, Nova Scotia, for our #StandForCanada Youth Challenge. Their historical tour of multiculturalism calls on a diverse mix of respected and celebrated voices to reflect on why diversity is at the core of Canadian identity. These students were the only participants to submit their video in ...
  • 2017
  • 00:04:59
  • 9-12
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News in Review - November 2003 Canada Returns to Afghanistan

It’s one of the most dangerous places on earth, but this summer 1,900 Canadian soldiers arrived in Afghanistan to help make it safer. They are there as part of a NATO mission that hopes to restore Afghanistan to peace and democracy after the fall of the Taliban regime in 2002 left the nation in a state of near anarchy. Canada’s ...
  • 2003
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News in Review - November 2002 Canadian Military: Too Many Cuts?

Funds for the Canadian military have dwindled over the past few years. All three services have suffered as the Canadian Government cut budgets to get the country’s finances in order. But now there are serious questions as to whether the cuts have affected Canada’s ability to meet its peacekeeping and security obligations. We look at where the military is now ...
  • 2002
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News in Review - September 1995 The United Nations: Struggling at 50

The difficulty in which the UN finds itself in Bosnia is the point of departure for examining the past, present and future of this international organization.
  • 1995
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  • Added on: 09/15/1995