Plains of Abraham, Battle of the, Québec, 1759  

National Battlefields Commission Battles 1759-1760

This video is an account of the siege of Quebec in 1759-1760 as described by those who were there. Everything you will hear is based on historic sources, such as personal letters and diaries, describing the siege of the city. Nearly 20 military and civilian witnesses tell their story. For a clearer picture of events, they are grouped together under ...
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Canada: A People's History Battle for a Continent

Episode 4: 1754 to 1775 CE. A period of a little more than two decades in the mid-18thcentury changes the destiny of North America. England and France battle each other in the Seven Years' War, a conflict that begins as a clash between les Canadiens and land-hungry American settlers in the Ohio Valley and becomes a world war that engulfs the continent. ...
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