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News in Review - April 2019 Polar Bears: A Species in Peril

Polar bears have long been a Canadian icon. They live in colder northern climates and hunt for seals. But the climate is changing and the earth is warming. As a result, polar bear numbers are in decline. As the sea ice recedes, the bears lose places to hunt and are stuck ashore, often starving. And their birth rates are declining. ...
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Doc Zone Polar Bear Fever

The polar bear has become the new poster child for climate change, the perfect photogenic symbol for selling an environmental message. Polar Bear Fever takes us on a journey to meet the people who are obsessed with the bear. Few can resist the bear’s red-hot image — scientists and zookeepers, photographers and filmmakers, environmentalists and politicians, marketing mavens and advertising giants.
  • 2008
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The National The Shrinking Bears: What will happen to the polar bears of Hudson Bay?

Global warming has forced the polar bears of Canada's Hudson Bay to confront this reality and the possible threat of extinction. Experts from the Canadian Wildlife Service track and monitor the polar bears and show how their shrinking environment leads to less food, starvation and in many cases, death. The far-reaching consequences of global warming is clearly illustrated in this ...
  • 1998
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